Gettin hitched!

The Proposal, July 31, 2010
The day Thom proposed to me was so special and full of amazing surprises. He and I were in northern Idaho at his parents lake house on the Coeur D'Alene lake. That day we had decided to go into town and explore the town on our own. Thom had made the whole idea seem very casual and spontaneous, so I had no idea when the day began what was in store. After a couple hours of shopping, lunch and walking around Coeur D'Alene he surprised me with tickets for a boat tour around the lake. This tour last about two hours and was beautiful. Thom's always been a romantic and loves surprising me so this was not out of the norm for him. After the tour he and I decided to go explore the nearby Coeur D'Alene resort. He suggested we try and take the elevator up to the top to try and watch the sunset. At the top of the resort we found a very elegant fine dining restaurant, Beverly's. As soon as I got off the elevator I knew he was taking me to dinner there, which he did. He had reservations at a beautiful table over looking the water. He told me at this time that he was determined to make me have a great vacation by surprising me with these things. After our tasty dinner and cocktails we started to make our way back home. When we got back to his parent's house I noticed their car was there (they had told us they wouldn't be home). So this was my first sign of suspicion. Thom said they had taken the boat out. It was late at night and this didn't seem right but I just let it go. As we were walking down the stairs that lead around the side of the home to the porch over the lake I noticed it was decorated beautifully with white lights and table with champagne, flowers and dessert. Little did I know that as we were walking down the stairs Thom had grabbed the ring off the side of the house where his dad had hid it. I kinda knew something was going on at this point and I started getting very nervous and started babbling like a fool about this and that. Thom, the quiet, composed person that he is just got down one knee, took the ring out and asked me to marry him, very calmly. I at this time started balling my eyes out and kissing him. I wasn't able to even formulate words for a couple seconds, which seemed like hours to me, all the while he stayed on his knee holding the ring waiting for me to actually say "YES!" I was in such an emotionally, dream like state that to actually say words was hard but I managed to say YES quickly so I could get him to stand up and hug and kiss me back! So then we decided to pop the champagne bottle off into the lake, arm in arm. The moment we shot it off fire works shot up into the air from the dock below. My tears that I had somehow managed to stop from flowing immediately came back in full force. I knew it was his parent's down there waiting for this surprise. We all enjoyed the rest of our night drinking champagne in excitement. It was such a special day and then night, full of so many different emotions that I have never felt before. I felt so much love and excitement from Thom and then his parent's and then extremely excited for the future ahead of us. Thom is so amazing and I love him dearly and cannot wait to marry him!

   Mr. and Mrs. Thom and Jessica Byrne. The first time this has been in print form. Of course I had to keep it and hang it on the fridge.