Wednesday, June 11, 2008

this city

Every day I am a little lost. Every day I am trying to figure out where I will go from here. I have always aspired to make my life one big adventure. That's why I ended up here. Trying to find my adventure. I still am not sure why I thought this city would lead me to adventure. It can be terribly boring. This state is ran by religious folk and I can't even go to a bar to get a normal drink. But at times when I am driving at night and I see this big city I am glad I am here. I am happy to go about my daily business and my routine, meeting new people every day. I love the excitement of not knowing anyone. I have made my home. And I am glad I am that girl I always knew I was.

It's weird how things all mesh together, how everything is intertwined. Maybe it's that town...and this town or maybe it's just me. Every one has a choice to make and every one is dealing with something. But it is up to you how you choose to deal with what you have been given.

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