Tuesday, June 17, 2008

you'll be a lady soon

I like driving up the hills at night just so I can see the city lights as I drive down.
I like watching my own shadow.
I like the feeling of coming home.
I like when I get lost in my own thoughts.
I like the feeling of completely trusting a person.
I like laughing so hard I can't speak.
I like the feeling of being a little sunburned.
I like reading in public places.
I like eating out by myself.
I like watching people at airports just to wonder where they are going.
I like laying in a made up bed.
I like thinking about old memories.
I like making up stories in my head about what other people are thinking about me.
I like the feeling of finishing a book I have completely invested myself in.
I like naps when I know I have nowhere to be.

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